IT Relocation

Do you plan to movie your office space soon? However, are you aware of the all the issues related to IT that come in the wake of moving your office space? Tackling these issues beforehand will help in avoiding the chaos and thereby insure the productivity, post your move.

Movement of your office space is not as simple as unwiring and wiring-back your workstations and servers. There is more to it than just this and to ensure a smooth movement, it is important to have a well-planned IT shift in place. What this will do for you and eventually your business is that there will be an instantly operative and productive morning post the office movement instead of constant chaos, dysfunctional staff, angry customers which would lead to not just downtimes but also losses in revenues. In the most ideal of scenarios, the aim post every office shift has to be to ensure that the business carries on exactly how it would have had you been in the old setting. If anything, it should be done in a more productive manner.

When it comes to the relocation of office spaces, Mepco provides an expertise with the planning and execution of areas related to IT. Below is a list of pointers of issues that need to be considered before you unplug a workstation:

The planning phase of the new office space needs to be done taking into consideration the infrastructure that may be required to brace IT. Have clarity and determine who would be running the telephone cables and network

Careful considerations need to be made while choosing the service provider for your internet connection and if deemed fit, ensure that there you place an order for internet circuits that have blocks of addresses that have multiple static IP.

(This needs to be done in a minimum of 2 months prior to the date that you plan to move-in and in the process, it is important to not forget to terminate the old services.)

Also, make careful consideration of how to get dial tone services on your telephone: Internet based phone circuits, PRI phone system and standard phone service.

All the equipment that need to be moved have to be accounted for and responsibilities need to be assigned to take ownership on them.

A team needs to be assembled to carefully un-wire and then reassemble network devices, workstations and servers.

The current system back-up needs to be taken, it has to be tested for loop holes and then moved in a separate manner.

Back-up your old system, test the back-up and move the backup separately from the rest of the equipment

Ascertain if you are replacing or simply moving the equipment.

Have a contingency plan

In order to advocate with regards to all sorts of IT issues such as asking the correct questions to the contractors to understand if they are doing their job well and timely consultations with them will be done by the project manager of Mepco. From an IT perspective, the trades of the building need to be aligned with practices that are best, an appropriate layout must be prepared, cooling and power need to be organised and all of this will be done by us. The standards set at Mepco are steep and we work in complete accordance to it. Activities such as the cabling in a neat and orderly fashion, labelling of cables in order to ensure proper diagnosis of problems and the service of any issue related to IT would be a part of our job.

It is important for you to have a peace of mind while relocating your office in order to ensure that your employees can finish work at the old office with the close of business, arrive at the new office and commence work which is productive and free from frustration the following day of the move. This whole spectrum is taken care by Mepco Systems.

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