Representations & Appeals:

We are mind full of the fact that the UKBA can often make erroneous or unfair decisions and that the process of appealing can seem costly, long and frustrating. Therefore in line with our policy of acting in The Best Interest of the Client we will engage in all available avenues of negotiation which can include direct dialogue with the UKBA or requesting for intervention in behalf to the client from their local MP. Although in recent years MPs have become more reluctant to intervene in immigration decisions the government have introduced directives for the UKBA to take a pragmatic approach to ensure that the tax payer’s money is not wasted defending bad decisions that would not stand up to scrutiny in court.

As such we consider our experience of negotiating with UKBA to be our greatest strength and we aim to overturn appealed decisions even before they reach the Tribunals, saving on costs both for the client and indecently for the tax payer. We view the appeals process as the Absolute Last Resort where all other avenues of negotiation have failed.

Our services include

  • Negotiating with the UKBA in behalf of the client.
  • Completing appeal forms
  • Making representations to the client’s Local MP
  • Preparing grounds of appeal
  • Preparing Witness Statements
  • Collating documentary evidence
  • Researching objective material and relevant case-law
  • Preparing an appeal bundle
  • Preparing a skeleton argument (detailing all facts and arguments to be relied upon)
  • Representing you before an Immigration Judge
  • Advising you as to the determination (decision) of the Tribunal
  • Where your appeal is refused, advising you as to the merits of a further appeal
  • Where your appeal is allowed, liaising with the entry clearance post or Home Office
  • Claiming costs from the UKBA
  • Complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsman

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