Casual & Temps

Casual, Temping and contract workers

If you are looking for contract staff Mepco can offer an easy, cost effective solution package covering and managing your needs whether it be for highly skilled permanent staff or well trained casual staff. Mepco can offer you well trained contract staff such as porters, cleaners and seasonal workers.

Such staff would essentially be on the payroll of Mepco and the client would be invoiced on a weekly or a fortnightly bases. The benefit to the client under this arrangement includes reduced PAYE costs, reduced payroll costs, replacing workers without the complications a dismissal, reduced costs on sick pay and holiday pay. Mepco has a national network of workers that enable us to provide staffing solutions at short-notice regardless of your location.

All temporary staff are ‘contracted to’ and on the payroll of MEPCO, taking the administration function away from the client and enabling them to concentrate on the more important matters. We are also able to act as a one-stop-shop, providing transport and accommodation to our work-force if required. As agents supplying temporary and casual staff we aspire to keep our terms of employment for the supplied workers as close as possible to the client’s own terms of employment for staff, thus generating a sense of fair play amongst the supplied workers. In addition, we will be open to any suggestions by the management that can motivate the staff to increase productivity. The advantage we have over other mainstream Gang Masters is that our being registered with the OISC as Immigration Consultants is that we can recruit directly from EU countries on the Workers Registration Scheme. A shortlist of these candidates can then be forwarded to you along with their photographed resumes, and a copy of health check. If required all the candidates will be sent for a HACCAP training course of your choice. A copy of their Health and Safety certificate will be forwarded to you for your records. However as knowledge of basic Health & Safety is compulsory before any candidate is put on to our books we publish a Health & Safety Manual available in English, Polish, Hindi that must be read, understood and signed by all workers.

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