Detention Bail

Detention, Bail and Administrative Removal

A person can be detained in immigration detention for a number of reasons. Individuals may be detained if they are suspected of visa violations, illegal entry, unauthorised arrival, or are subject to deportation. In such cases an individual may be detention until a decision is made to either remove them or to grant them status. If you or someone you know have been detained under Immigration Laws then you need to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible because detention usually means that the immigration authorities plan to remove them within a few days. At Mepco, we know that immigration detention and practice law in bail application is complicated, not least because the rules change frequently and the interpretation of those rules is also subject to new rulings by the courts. We are also extremely sensitive to the emotional impact it has on the individual, their friends and family, especially if the individual have substantive ties to the UK such as a wife, children friends and work. Legal representation for your immigration detention is essential to ensure that the rules are applied correctly and fairly by UKBA in each case. We can apply for bail and to this end we can offer a professional advice and representation. We can assist in bail application services and deal with deportation, and removal issues.

In cases of detention we can:

  • assess the legality of immigration detention and advise on making a claim for damages if the detention was unlawful.
  • apply for temporary admission (release) through a bail application.
  • represent at bail hearings for the immigration detention.
  • assist with foreign prisoners facing deportation from the United Kingdom when their bail application is refused.
  • assist with foreign prisoners with a bail application to revoke deportation orders
  • revocation of leave / nationality
  • Making detailed representations to UKBA on your case with the aim of challenging the decision or having UKBA reassess the circumstances.
  • Unlike many firms we are usually available to take on emergency detention cases during public holidays including over Christmas and the New Year.

Please note we do not deal with immigration detention of Asylum cases.

Over-Stayers: If your Visa has expired, you have no Visa or you have breached your Visa conditions then you are considered to be in breach of Immigration Law. However, if you have lived in the UK unlawfully for a considerable amount of time, you could qualify for discretionary leave.

Human Rights: Alternatively, you may have grounds to remain in UK on the basis of Human Rights legislation as the European Convention on Human Rights prevents the repatriation of someone, without examining proportionality where they have formed a private and family life in UK.

Humanitarian Protection: If you have claimed asylum in the UK and the Home Office do not recognise you as a refugee or a person who qualifies for humanitarian protection, the Home Office UKBA may give you another type of temporary permission to stay in the UK. This permission is called 'discretionary leave to remain'. How long you are allowed to stay will depend on your circumstances, but it is unlikely to be more than three years initially.

Whatever your circumstances, we can assist. Our service recognises that every case has its own merits and an Immigration Expert will assess all of the relevant information surrounding your case. It's very important that an expert covers every detail of your case because only then can they fully inform you of the best way to move your case forward. We can also assist with cases for Leave Outside of the rules which include:
  • Exceptional compassionate circumstances
  • Stateless persons
  • Exceptional Medical Cases
  • ECHR Grounds
  • Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC)
  • Victims of Human trafficking

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