Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What are the basic eligibility criteria for students to qualify for UK studies?
Answer: It’s totally depending on the student that which college or university they are going to opt. However, one of the basic requirement is their bachelor degree in relevant subject for applying Masters, A- Level or equivalent qualification for applying foundation course that eventually lead them to graduation in UK.  Furthermore, students need to prove their proficiency in English language.

2.       How long is the process?
Answer:  After submission of application it will take 4-6 weeks. But we advise students to apply three months before start of their course. In case of any rejection or appeal of application, the time frame cannot be defined.

3.       What much does it cost?
Answer: It will totally depend on the students that which course and institution they are going to apply. Cannot describe in generic way. 

4.       What type of Visa I require to travel?
Answer:  Tier 4 (General) Student Visa.
Minimum age requirement for student is 16 years & above along with meeting other eligibility criteria. 

5.       Does students need any medical checkup before leaving to UK?
Answer:  Students who are traveling to UK require going through the process of Tuberculosis Testing. You need to consult the approved list of clinics and hospitals only in order to do your chest x-ray and /or sputum samples.  In case of positive result of your test, you will not be allowed to travel to UK. 

6.       Does student need any kind of insurance?
Answer: Travel insurance is mandatory for every student who is traveling to UK.

7.       Does student work in the UK while studying?
Answer: Yes students can work during their studies in UK.  As per
UK law, international students will be allowed to work 20 hours per week. The jobs usually are part-time, internships and temporary work placement nature.

8.       Can student travel back home while having a valid visa?
Answer:  If any student wants to travel outside UK during studies, he/she can easily re-enter until and unless have a valid Tier 4 (General) visa.  Immigration authorities can ask attendance details. In this regard, they need to have attendance certificate issued from their respective educational institution.  It has also being advised that students should also carry their financial details while traveling during this time.  

9.       Can student travel back home during term?
Answer: In case of any emergency traveling is being made during term time, letter from educational institution will be required that explain absence from school. Details of the concerned / authorized person including his/her name, email address and phone numbers will suppose to be mentioned in the letter.

10. Can student travel back to UK after completion of studies to attend the graduation ceremony on valid Tier 4 visa?
Answer: If student plans to travel to UK after completion of course and want to attend the graduation ceremony, it is being advised that student needs to carry a letter from school mentioning the date of graduation ceremony and few other details related to student and respective school. Immigration officer see at that time of arrival that he/she has a reason to enter in UK on Tier 4 Visa.

11.  Can student extend their stay in UK for further studies?
Answer:  If student wants to apply for a new Tier 4 Visa from UK, in this case the gap between the current leave and new course should not be more than 28 days. If this gap longer than 28 days than they need to go back to respective country and apply from there.

12.  Can Student change the visa status? 
Answer: Yes student can change his/her visa status but it is totally based on which category you fall. Please find below the options:

(a)    Tier 2 (General) Visa - This category for graduates with a Bachelors, Masters, PhD, PGCE or PGDE from UK recognized listed body.  Students can apply for a Tier 2 Visa without leaving UK subject to the employer (license sponsor) who is willing to issue them a sponsor license.  The job should be met with minimum salary criteria with visa validity for three years. Visa can be extended after three years depends on the employer.   

(b)    Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa - In this category student needs to be endorsed by UK higher education institution (HEI) participating in this scheme. It is not necessary that student opt the same institution under this scheme where he studied. It is 12 months visa and can be extended based on business circumstances. 

(c)    Medical Students – Medical student can stay in UK and set-up their own business for   12 months after completing their doctorate.  But student need to start working for this scheme before completion of doctorate. He cannot apply under this scheme after completion of doctorate.

13.  Can Student bring dependents / family to UK?
Answer: According to UK home office, dependents refer to spouse, children under age 18 and legal civil partner. Only students in some categories are being allowed to bring their dependents. Students of Masters, Doctorate and other postgraduate courses are eligible to bring their dependents.

14.  What are the student accommodation options?
Answer:  There are many accommodation options available for international students while studying in UK. These options include school provided accommodation (boarding), private accommodation (include utilities, TV license and council tax), homestay accommodation (where you can live with UK family or guardian).


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