IT Recruitment

Many decision makers in organisations know how time-consuming it can be to find the right candidates for the positions they have available. Much of the time they needlessly spend sifting through CVs and conducting phone and face-to-face interviews is a result of agents not doing their job properly. They send CVs which do not contain the skills you clearly asked for, and they supply candidates who claim that they have the correct skills they are looking for, when in reality they do not. Mepco UK Limited offers recruitment services similar to other agencies, but with some key differences:

  • We employ highly qualified software developers who can talk your language, and understand as a result precisely what skills the candidate you are searching for must have
  • We will conduct telephone interviews, whiteboard sessions and pair programming with candidates to understand if they really do have the skills you are looking for before we send their CV to you

Back to Basics: Serving the Customer

Many agencies engage in practices that are actually counterproductive to their customers' endeavours to find the right person for a particular job. At Mepco UK Ltd we believe that building a long-lasting relationship with our clients requires us to act in our customers' interests.
  • We DO NOT carry out reconnaissance on company interviews so that we can prepare candidates to appear better than they actually are. We provide them only with interview details that you wish to disclose.
  • We DO NOT advise candidates to lie about or exaggerate having experience in technologies that they have little or no experience in
We also offer cheaper rates than most other agents, and contractor margins are also completely transparent to our customers.

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